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Mindful Coaching

with Awande Mabaso




Hey beautiful babe! Are you wanting to live more mindfully and intentionally in 2020?

I want you to take a deep breath in and out. What does living more mindfully look to you in 2020? What can you envision for yourself?

  • being more happy and optimistic

  • being less emotionally reactive and being able to handle yourself in pressure filled moments 

  • living a life with reduced stress, anxiety and depression

  • more focus and concentration on the things you want to achieve

I used to think that I had to live a life of chaos and stress to live a life of success and there was no such thing as being calm. Isn't that how people are meant to feel? Then I realized that wasn't true! This is all with the help of mindfulness- the same help I want to bring to your life. 

In a deep space of anxiety and depression, my former psychologist recommended mindfulness to me, as a daily practice. I thought she was crazy but I also wanted to get my money's worth from my therapy sessions, so I amused her and myself and gave it a go... Since then, I haven't let go! 

It was mind-blowing and my close friends and family all saw the difference it had on me. I had the same struggles as most people:

  • Wanting to skip meditations and resisting that urge!

  • Having the thoughts and feelings pop into my head which would make me feel I wanted to give up and self-sabotage

  • Feeling like I was doing it wrong

  • Thinking I had no time 

  • Feeling sleepy or fidgety when I had to meditate

**I'm sure you've had some of these problems**

Then if you're anything like me, you've downloaded all the apps there are- because who doesn't like a soothing voice chanting to them? Tried looking as some articles somewhere online... But you're still here! Because the apps and the online articles didn't give you the support you quite needed.

Mindfulness has been so transformational for me, I have been dedicating my time to studying it origins and more techniques to bring into my coaching, because I know that what I needed was support and I want to give that to all women.

I'm happy to say that there is a way to transform yourself from the Modern Frantic Woman to the Modern Mindful Woman. 

A 4 Week Program to a calmer sense of self in this busy world of hustle, stress and anxiety. 

What can you get from the Powerfully Mindful  Program:

  • 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching 

  • Weekly Skype/ Zoom calls 45mins each

  • Weekly Q&A sessions to get more clarity during your mindfulness journey

  • Weekly themed workbooks that we take a look at during each call we have

  • MP3 Meditation Tracks- yours to keep FOREVER! Sent to you weekly.

If you book a 30min free Mindfulness Clarity Call with me, you also get:​

  • Additional MP3 meditation tracks

  • A small collection of 2-3 minute Breathing Exercise tracks

  • A free bonus week of coaching before you set off and continue the rest of your journey.

  • Access to a private Facebook group, where you have a safe community to release, ask for support and find like-minded women all achieving the same goal!

What are just some of  the glimpses of what you can expect from the program? 

Week 1:

  • Learning to breathe 

  • Feeling like you don't have time

  • Thinking you're not doing it right

Week 2: 

  • Looking at the body and its sensations (checking your homeostasis)

  • Using Mindfulness to soothe the pain responses of the body 

  • Allowing the body to feel but not react

Week 3:

  • Thoughts and feelings

  • Grounding yourself and your emotions during meditation

  • Working with your unruly mind.

Week 4:

  • Learning to self-compassion

  • Learning to let our thoughts run free

  • Making our minds a safe space


















This program, with it bonuses would go for $239 but I know how many of you want to feel the benefits of mindfulness and start leading a truly peaceful life. 

So I decided to drop it by almost 60% and make the Powerfully Mindful Program an amazing $97! So book your call with me and lets make the mindfulness shift happen xxx



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